Cunning, brave, resilient and indomitable, the former platoon leader turned 83 when we first met her. However, she still had a good memory of an unforgettable time with bombs and fires. Although she could only walk within her small house everyday, her heart and mind always turn to the Party and to the Vietnamese people.

Thai Binh has no famous landscapes such as Ha Long, Trang An or Phong Nha Ke Bang... but it has 56km of coastline with some beaches remaining untouched as wild as Dong Chau, Con Vanh, Con Den and the system of rich historical and cultural relics such as Keo pagoda, Tran temple, Dong Bang temple... It now increasingly becomes an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

As one of an earliest Communist party committees established in the country, over the past 90 years, under the leadership of Thai Binh Provincial Party Committee, the local people have achieved great successes, contributing greatly to the vainglorious victory of the country's revolution, of the glorious tradition of the Party and the nation.

On March 21, 1890, Governor General of Indochina issued a decree establishing Thai Binh province. The name of Thai Binh is 130 years old now but the land and people of Thai Binh existed there thousands of years ago.

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