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Abacus International Cements Pakistan Leadership Position with Renewal of Exclusive Oasis Travel Agreement

11:51 02/07/2017

Abacus International Asia Pacific's leading provider of travel solutions and services today announced the renewal of an exclusive agreement with Oasis Travel, a leading travel management company in Pakistan.

The new five year exclusive partnership, signed 23 November, will see Oasis Travel continuing to leverage on key solutions such as Abacus WorkSpace and Abacus PowerSuite for full integration of their front-mid and back processes. This will allow the agency to look forward to increased productivity, allowing for enhanced efficiency of their system through a range of enhanced features, financial reporting tools, as well as a customisable management dashboard.

"Over the last few years, Abacus has become a very much trusted partner," said Mr Naveed Siddiqui, Chief Executive Officer, Oasis Travel. "In our hunt for a suitable partner to help take us to the next level and stay ahead of the competition, we placed great emphasis on the solutions the partner would be able to offer us. In the years that we have worked with Abacus, we have found their solutions have very much helped us increase our productivity and can always look forward to new offerings that can better meet our needs. We look forward to another five years of great partnership."

With a relationship that has spanned over the last three years, the agreement is testament to Abacus International's position as the leading provider of travel solutions and services. Abacus had previously provided Oasis Travel with Abacus WebConnect, Abacus TravelIntelligence, Queue Alert as well as PNR Quality Control Tools.

"The renewal of the agreement with Oasis Travel solidifies our strong presence in the country as well as our leadership position as a travel solutions and services provider that has the right solutions for our customers and partners when they need them," said Sam Wong, General Manager, Abacus Pakistan.  "We have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Oasis Travel, a leading Travel Management Company over the last three years and look forward to continuing this partnership and helping them to grow and reach out more effectively to their customers through their enhanced productivity."

Oasis Travel was recently awarded the Top Travel Agent Award at the recent Abacus International Conference 2012 that took place in Seoul and is currently ranked amongst the top three Travel Companies in Pakistan as well as the fastest growing.